Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mercedes AMG Feature

All I can say is amazing!!!
This was one of those shoots that almost makes you want to cry! The sheer amount of absolute beauty and power!! Standing in front of a line up of 8 Mercedes AMG's is really something one must experience, especially once they fire up.
I was also absolutely blown away when I had the chance to drive some of these cars, albeit very quickly. I got to drive the CLK 63 and the E63 down to the skidpan from the Mercedes building at Zwartkops raceway. After the really stressful shoot, I was lucky enough to give the new C63 AMG a quick blast around the skidpan and back up to Mercedes. Like I said, WOW!!!

Subaru Multiway

The other day we had to do a shoot for the mag, a multiway with Subarus. Basically this is, as you can see, a group shot with a bunch of cars.

The idea here was to follow the history of Subarus in the country, with the new STi as the newest. We (the mag) struggled, however, to get our hands on the new one in time for the shoot. So we ended up shooting just these 4.

What awesome cars, with an even more awesome soundtrack.

My personal favourite is the one on the left, second, the one on the right!!!

Great cars, and a great lineup. Just a pity about the time of day I had to shoot!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Some Early Work

These 3 images were some of the earlier images shot as part of my B-Tech degree.

The Honda Civic Type R was photographed with a friend and fellow photographer, Ciaran Nunan, in a very makeshift automotive studio using a whole bunch of polystirene boards and tungsten lighting. The nature of the shoot meant having to do a whole lot of (amateurish) post production. What a car though!!! WOW!